Taste the love

Handmade in Hampshire

Our luxury gourmet Cream & Butter Fudges are made by us in our Hampshire fudge kitchen.

As well as our wonderful range of fudges we create our own version of traditional Coconut Ice, made with nothing but the finest ingredients.

Chocolate Chunks
Base Flavour

Each recipe starts with us creating our three base fudges - vanilla, caramel and chocolate.

Meringue Pieces

+ Finest Ingredients

We then add the finest quality ingredients and a bit of "The Fantastic Fudge Company” magic.

Chocolate Marshmallow Fudge

= Fantastic Fudge

All adds up to huge range of delicious flavours, making each of our fudge varieties unique.

Spoilt for choice

Check out our Fabulous Flavours

With over 20 delicious varieties of fudge for you to choose from, we have a flavour to suit all tastebuds.

We love what we create

Seems you do too...

A few comments from our lovely fudge eaters...

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After tasting nearly all 12 flavours, deciding which to buy was so difficult that only 4 were eliminated! Slight over-spend but just what we need for our travels soon. Great range of flavours and visually appealing - would make a lovely gift in the classy packaging too.

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I think I could honestly sit and eat their fudge and coconut ice all day, every day, for the rest of my life, and not complain once. Local and lovely.

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We purchased a four-slab gift box at Hyde Hall's craft fair and was not disappointed. Can't wait for these guys to debut online as their raspberry fudge is amazing. It really does taste of fresh raspberries and nice to have something different from the standard toffee/caramel flavours.

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I tried all the flavours this weekend and it's difficult to choose but Lemon Meringue Fudge is my favourite.

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My husband was lucky enough to have had a box of The fantastic fudge co fudge giving to him. I dont like fudge but I tried a piece and must say it has change my view of fudge now, absolutely delicious. My husband loved the fudge so much. The packaging looks as lovely as the fudge tastes.

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Just tucking into the chocolate and mint fudge purchased as a gift to myself (the best kind).